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ENE 50600: Content, Assessment and Pedagogy

Resource guide put together for use by students in the ENE CAP class. Used to guide classroom discussion of resources and to leave available as a starting place throughout the semester.

Library of Engineering & Science

EndNote and EndNote Web

The Purdue Libraries support EndNote for the campus. Wei is the support person for Engineering Education, so feel free to direct any EndNote questions her way.

Support resources


This is a reference/citation manager with web-based, desktop, and mobile versions. You can sync your citation library between these different versions and across different devices. And it is free. More at


This is an open-source, Firefox plug-in which does many of the same functions as EndNote and is free. More at

One significant advantage is the ability to harvest citation information directly from webpages, such as Google Scholar or other content pages. The output does export in many formats, including EndNote.

One note of caution, the Zotero plug-in does not play nicely with EndNote downloads, so you need to be aware of this program interaction if you want to work with both programs.