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POL 327 Global Green Politics: Journal Articles

POL 327 Global Green Politics

Journal Articles

Scholarly Article Databases

Useful databases for finding scholarly articles on international environmental policies include:

Environmental Abstracts (Database of U.S. and international environmental laws and information. Now produced by Cambridge Scientific Abstracts.)
Environmental Law Reporter (Provides access to U.S. and some international environmental law resources.)
Factiva (Provides access to U.S. and global newspapers and magazines)
GREENR (Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, & Natural Resources)
NexisUni (Provides access to U.S. and international environmental laws and news and U.S. and foreign newspaper articles.)
OECD ILibrary (Information resources produced by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)
PAIS International (Access to political science journal articles, public policy research institution materials, and selected U.S. Government documents.)
Press Reader (Current and recent newspaper articles from a global variety of newspapers)
World News Connection (International newspaper articles and media broadcasts emphasizing politics and science and technology. Available through 2013)
Worldwide Political Science Abstracts

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