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Election Resources

Resources on biennial Indiana federal, state, and local election campaigns.

Indiana Politics and Government

2024 Congressional Campaign Resources 


U.S. Senate 

Jim Banks (R)

Valerie McCray (D)

1st District

Covers northwest Indiana plus Newton and Benton counties.

Randy Niemeyer (R)

Frank Mrvan (D)(Incumbent)

There is significant change in Indiana congressional elections in 2024 since Rep. Jim Banks of the 3rd district is running for the U.S. Senate and incumbent Reps Greg Pence and Larry Buschon of the 6th and 8th congressional districts are not running for re-election.

2nd District 

Covers south/southwest from the South Bend area including Carroll county.

Rudy Yakym (R)(Incumbent)

Lori Camp (D)

3rd District

Covers northeastern Indiana including Fort Wayne.

Marlin Stutzman (R) (Previously represented this District from 2010-2017)

Kiley Adolph (D)

4th District

Covers White, Montgomery, Hendricks, and some southern Indiana counties. Purdue University is in this district.

Jim Baird (R)(Incumbent)

Derrick Holder (D)

5th District

Covers north suburban Indianapolis, Hamilton county, Tipton, Howard, Grant, Wabash, and adjacent counties.

Victoria Spartz (R)(incumbent)

Deborah Pickett (D)

6th District

Covers east and central Indiana including Delaware, Rush, and Wayne counties.

Jeff Shreve (R)

Cinde Wirth (D)

7th District

Covers central Indianapolis and a majority of Marion county.

Cat Ping (R)?

Andre Carson (D)(Incumbent)

8th District

Covers southwestern Indiana including Evansville and extending northward to include Terre Haute and Vermillion and most of Warren county.

Mark Messmer (R)

Erik Hurt (D)

9th District

Covers south central and southeastern Indiana including cities such Bloomington, Jeffersonville, and Madison and adjacent counties.

Erin Houchin (R)(Incumbent)

Tim Peck (D)

Prepared by Professor Bert Chapman-Government Information, History,&  Political Science, & Librarian. Send updated information to Bert Chapman.

Indiana Election Campaign Resources

Indiana Election Laws and Regulations

2024 Indiana Governor and Lt. Governor Campaign Resources

Democratic and Republican Party nominees for Lieutenant Governor in 2024  will be selected at their state conventions with the  Democrats meeting July 13 in and the Republicans meeting June 14-15

Indiana General Assembly Candidates

House District 26

James Schenke (R)

Chris Campbell (D)(Incumbent)

House District 27

Oscar Alvarez (R)

Sheila Klinker (D)(Incumbent)

Neither Alting or Deery are up for re-election in 2024.

Local Election Information