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OpenAthens and Connecting to Libraries Electronic Resources


What is OpenAthens?

OpenAthens is a Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication service, which means it allows you to access subscription-based electronic resources both on and off campus. Previously, we used EZProxy. OpenAthens replaces that service for most online resources.

Will the login link/screen look the same for all resources?

Not always - sometimes it will be resource specific. Look for sign in or institutional login links, usually at the top of the screen. Search for "Purdue University Main Campus Libraries." You might also see "Purdue University (OpenAthens)." Not all vendors/publishers offer this SSO login from their websites/databases. For some, you will still need to go through the Libraries website.

Example from Science Direct:

Screenshot of ScienceDirect with Sign in via your institution

My bookmarks to databases, eBooks, and articles no longer work. What should I do?

  • If your old bookmarked link looks like this:
    • Replace "" with the OpenAthens prefix ""
  • If your old bookmarked link looks like this:
    • Remove and replace the hyphens (-) in the link with periods (.), then add the OpenAthens prefix as shown above.
  • If your old bookmarked link contains ONLY the vendor/publisher link (no proxy), you can use the OpenAthens Redirector Generator to do this work for you. Otherwise, you may want to search for your item in Library Search, and use the permalink option there.
  • Please note that there are exceptions to using the new OpenAthens redirector. See the Permalinks Exceptions page for more information.

I usually access library resources through Google or Google Scholar. Will I still be able to use OpenAthens to authenticate?


What happens if I change devices or use a different browser? Will OpenAthens remember me?

OpenAthens uses cookies to remember your device’s IP address for about eight (8) hours. If you change browsers – from Firefox to Chrome or Edge – you will be asked to login again. Additionally, if you change devices, like from a laptop to a mobile phone, you will be asked to login again.

I'm having problems retrieving content from a personal account/bookshelf I created. What's going on?

For some vendor websites (ProQuest Ebook Central, EBSCO, etc.), you may lose the content in your personal account because it's not currently connected to OpenAthens. Please contact us and we can help you.

If I need help with my permalinks or something else, who do I contact?

Please contact us and we can help you.