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CSR 331: Consumer Behavior

This guide contains information and resources helpful to students taking CSR 331.

Market & Consumer Research

Market Research

Consumer Research

Company Research

  Privately Held Company Public Company
Meaning Wholly owned privately by private investors, management, founders, etc. Sells all or its part of shares to the public by IPO. Similarly, it contains investors, founders, etc.
Public Stock Exchange Not traded on public stock exchange. Traded on public stock exchange like NYSE, Tokyo Stock Exchange, etc.
Information Availability Almost no information is available. A lot of primary as well as some secondary data is available.
Size Small comparatively. Large-dealing in dollars.
Valuation Very difficult due to lack of information. Easier due to a lot of information availability.
Control Owners and management have higher control over their company. Lower control, must have board of directors from inside and outside the company.

Public Company Information Sources

Private Company Information Sources