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SCLA 102: Utopia, Heterotopia, Dystopia

Guide to help students find resources on historical American utopian communities

Article Databases--An Overview

The Purdue Library Catalog can be helpful in browsing books in the Purdue collection. The catalog also allows you to search for whole journal issues by performing a "Journal Search" and searching the journal title.

However, Article Databases are tools that enable library users to perform more sophisticated searches for scholarly literature. These databases are usually designed according to subject and can either simply index an article (or book chapter) or provide the article in full-text.

Tool Features

  • Subject-specific limiters to refine search results (e.g. education level, publication audience)
  • Peer-reviewed article limiter option
  • Controlled vocabulary determined by field experts to classify articles
  • Records providing bibliographic information for sources both within and outside Purdue
  • Folder creation capabilities for account holders


For guidance on different approaches to searching watch the following short video provided by Professor Heather Howard with Purdue's Parrish Library:

Relevant Article Databases

Journals on Communal Societies