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POL 141 Governments of the World: Home

Provides information on finding information on world governments for this class taught by Professor Reed Kurtz.

POL 141 Governments of the World-Media Resources

Numerous resources are available to find information about foreign countries including their government, economy, security situation, and numerous other factors.  Media resources include newspapers, magazines,  and broadcast media representing a variety of perspectives are:

Newspapers and Magazines

Australian-Prominent politically conservative Australian newspaper

Daily Telegraph (London)-Prominent politically conservative British newspaper.

Economist (London)-Prominent British news magazine published since 1843.  Coverage goes beyond economic matters.

Foreign Affairs-Foreign affairs journal published by the Council on Foreign Relations since 1922.

Foreign Policy

Guardian (London)-Prominent leftist London-based British newspaper.

National Interest

National Review-Prominent U.S. conservative news magazine started by William F. Buckley in 1955.

National Post (Toronto)-Leading conservative Canadian newspaper

New York Times-Major liberal U.S. newspaper published since 1851.

Real Clear World-Compilation of analysis of foreign policy subjects representing multiple political perspectives.

Straits Times (Singaporean newspaper providing coverage on southeast Asian and global matters)

Wall Street Journal-Prominent producer and analyst of business and economic news published since 1889.

Washington Post-Prominent liberal Washington, DC-based newspaper.  Began publishing in 1877.

Washington Times-Prominent conservative Washington, DC-based newspaper.  Began publishing in 1982.

Broadcast Media

Al Jazeera English

British Broadcasting Corporation

CSPAN Archives:  Features CSPAN public affairs programming including government agency briefings, congressional debate, congressional committee hearing, and international affairs events hosted by think-tanks.

Democracy Now

Deutsche Welle (DW)

Fox News

Focus on the Global South

InterPress Service

National Public Radio-

Open Democracy-British-based global media organization seeking to promote liberal objectives.

Radio Free Asia:  U.S. Government funded institution delivering uncensored news and information to China, Tibet, North Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and other Asian areas with poor media environments and free speech protections.

Radio Free Europe/Radio LIberty  U.S. Government funded institution promoting democratic values and institutions and advancing human rights in 23 countries and 27 languages emphasizing Eastern Europe, Russia, and parts of Central & South Asia

Sky News Australia-Conservative leaning Australian television broadcast network.

Town Hall-Conservative U.S. news network.-

Voice of America-U.S. government funded institution providing news and information in 40 languages to an estimated 280 million people.  Started in 1942.

Government Information Resources

Numerous resources are available from the United States Government and other foreign national governments providing information on developments in individual countries.  Examples include:

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) World Factbook  KEY SOURCE!!

CIA World Leaders and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments

County MIneral InformationResource published by U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) on foreign country mineral resources.

Foreign Agricultural Service;  U.S. Dept. of Agriculture agency publishing resources on foreign country agricultural developments and opportunities for U.S. agricultural exports to those countries.

State Dept. U.S. Bilateral Relations Fact Sheets  Commerce Dept. resource describing foreign country economic conditions and potential for U.S. companies doing business in these countries.

International Energy Statistics:  Resources from U.S. Energy Dept's Energy Information Administration (EIA) on foreign country energy resources.

Operational Environment (OE) Watch:  Monthly U.S. Army resource documenting foreign military news and developments.

Public Policy Research Institutions//Think Tanks

Public policy research institutions and advocacy organizations, representing various political perspectives, seek to influence U.S. foreign policy in various ways.  These organizations may employ individuals who worked in the U.S. Government in the past and may do so in the future.  Examples include:

Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Brookings Institution-Prominent liberal think-tank in Washington, DC.  Began in 1916.

Foreign and International Government Organization Statistical Agency websites

Foreign Policy in Focus  Institute for Policy Studies endeavor providing leftist perspectives on international relations.

Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)-Philadelphia-based research institution focusing on high-quality scholarship and nonpartisan analysis of foreign policy and national security.  Founded in 1955.

Gale Directory Library (Compilation of organization directories including the Encyclopedia of Associations which lists non-governmental organizations striving to influence foreign policy in the U.S. and other countries.

Heritage Foundation  Foreign Policy Provides conservative perspectives on foreign policy and other public policy issues.  Founded in 1972.

Hudson Institute-Founded in 1961, this organization promotes interdisciplinary studies in defense, international relations, economics, health care, technology, and law.

Transparency International-International organization striving to fight corruption on a global scale.

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