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HIST 465: Civil War and Reconstruction

This guide contains government information useful for course assignments related to the topic of the Civil War and Reconstruction.


Purdue Libraries has access to many government information resources from this time period. ProQuest's Digital U.S. Congressional Serial Set 1789-1969 (available via ProQuest Congressional Publications listed below) is a critical source for U.S. Government Documents. These documents will cover reports from executive branch agencies such as the War Department, Department of the Treasury, exploring expedition reports, congressional committee reports on legislation, and personal pension application requests. Congressional Serial Set documents will also include maps, illustrations, and statistics. Documents listed in this database are accessible through the Purdue Libraries online catalog and are broken down into the following categories:

  • House Documents
  • House Executive Documents
  • House Reports
  • Senate Documents
  • Senate Executive Documents
  • Senate Reports

Reports are arranged by individual two year congressional sessions e.g. House Report 46-112 and are in individually numbered serial volumes. For instance, House Report 46-112 about the military academy at West Point, NY is in Serial Set volume 1982.

The Libraries online catalog is a useful place for starting your search and examples of Library of Congress subject headings (LCSH) you can use for such searches includes: