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Streaming Video Collections: Kanopy

A tutorial on how to use streaming video collections. Information on linking, clips, playlists, and accessibility.


Kanopy offers over 50,000 films from all genres.

As of January 1st, 2020, Kanopy is restricted to use for instructional purposes. Previously licensed titles will be available for streaming until their licenses expire, at which point approval will be required* for renewals. New titles will be made available for courses or learning opportunities on an individual basis by instructor request.

*The Criterion, PBS, and Media Education Foundation collections will remain unmediated in their entirely.

Requesting a Kanopy Title

All requests for Kanopy titles must be made a minimum of one week in advance. Instructors are encouraged to check on the availability of titles for their courses before every semester, as some licenses may have expired in the interim.

Option 1: Request a title through the Kanopy platform

  1. Go to Kanopy. (Will embed link)
  2. Click on the title of interest.
  3. If the “Request Access” form pops up, you have selected a currently unlicensed title. Fill out the form and hit “submit.”
  4. A Libraries staff member will contact you by email via with further instructions for approval.

Recommended for instructors who need a single title or prefer to browse/navigate the platform.

Option 2: Request a title through email

Send an email directly to In your message, please include the following:

  1. Name
  2. University Standing
  3. Kanopy Title(s) Requested
  4. Course Name and Number
  5. On-campus or Distance Learning
  6. Date Needed

Recommended for instructors who wish to request multiple titles for a course syllabus at one time. 


Each video from Kanopy has an embed code. 

To link to videos in Kanopy

  • Identify a video in the Kanopy database.
  • Click on the "Embed" button below the video player and copy/paste the code provided.
  • Copy the persistent link to employ in Blackboard or other course management system tools for creating content

To embed in BlackBoard:

  • Select Content
  • Click and hold on Build Content to select "Create" / "Item"
  • Enter your selected Name
  • Click on "HTML" in the Tool Icons displayed for the Text box.  The HTML code view dialog box will open.
  • Paste in the embed link copied earlier
  • Click "Update"
  • Click "Submit" on the Create Item page
  • The title of the video along with production details and running time will automatically be included above the video window in BlackBoard

Create Shareable Playlists and Custom Clips

Instructions: Playlist and Clip Creation Tool

1. You can access the Playlist and Clip Creation Tool from any video by clicking the "PLAYLIST/CLIP" button under the video player

2. Complete the form with your name, e-mail address and playlist title.  Click on "Create" to start crating your playlist.

3. Review your information and click "Save & Select/Edit Clips".

4. Click on "Add a new clip"

5. Choose a video by either searching or browsing

6. Finalize the clip(s) selection and "Save and Publish"

7. Your playlist has now been created and two URLs have been created and e-mailed to you.  The first UrL is your published plyalist to be viewed or shared with others.  The second URL can be used to edit or delete your playlist at any time.



  • If you need help using the keyboard accessible video player, please contact Kanopy to assist you
  • Closed Captioning and Transcripts are available on most videos.  If a film is without captions and they are desired, there is a simple request option, located directly from teh film page in question.

  • No player is required to view the videos.  For a PC you only require Flash, which most computers already have installed.  Videos can also be played on all iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices.