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SYS 400: Systems Praxis

Spring 2024


SimplyAnalytics Workflow

  • Login as a guest -- you cannot save your work
  • Login with an account you create -- you can save your work
  • Create a New Project 
  • Select a Location
    • Example: West Lafayette, IN
  • Select seed variables to place on the map
    • Seed variables are the most commonly requested variables
      • Example: Median Household Income
  • Browse Data (screen left) > Housing 
    • Select variables in the Housing folder by clicking on the three vertical dots > "Use this Data Variable"
  • Browse Data (screen left) > Any other folders you think it would be good to place on the map
  • Select Browse "Data Folder"
    • You might look at AGS > AGS Census (premium demographic variables)
    • You might look at MRI-Simmons > MRI-SimmonsLocal (psychographic variables: attitudes, values, opinions, lifestyles)
  • Reports: experiment with the different reports (screen right)

Curated Course Resources

Indiana Data Sources

News Sources for Context