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Instructional Support & E-Learning Tools


This guide is a resource for anyone looking to freshen they way they approach the classroom, or for new ways to teach, collaborate, network, and market. Learning in the modern workplace and classroom is much different than it used to be and continues to change each year.

These tools can be used in the classroom, for asynchronous workplace training and education, for outreach purposes, and for data collection. They can be used in organized or self-guided learning. They can be used to provide modern training or promote every day learning. They can increase personal autonomy in the teaching and learning process and increase the value of what we teach and learn. These tools are also great for students to use in creating projects for coursework.

More of a visual learner? View this intro as a Prezi


Video Assessment

Do you want to make sure that the videos you are creating are being watched and understood? Use these assessment tools to find out:

Screensharing Tools

Need to provide a live demonstration to the class? Share your screen on any device with a web-browser with the following:

Content Creation

Do you want to answer questions using a quick screen capture with audio? Do you need to do a screen cast or make an educational video? Looking to spruce up your presentations and make them more engagement? Are you looking for tools to help you with animation, graphic design, or video? Check out the following:


Make it easier to create collaborative teams on the spot, share notes/annotations, and present articles, videos, and photos with the following tools:

Augmented Reality & Immersive Apps

Want your students to interact with the world in a new way? Want to give students a creative outlet for expressing their ideas and projects? Try to augment their realities with the tools below:

Formative Assessment Tools

Need to collect formative assessment in the classroom? Want to make it game-based? Check out these free tools to get started:

Social Collaboration

Purdue-Specific Resources

Purdue has some amazing tools to help you make the most of your students' classroom experience. Checkout the following and find out what is here!


Need help with any of these tools? Contact:

Sarah Reifel, PRSH (Chair of LISWG)

Aly Edmondson, LOES

Emily Little, HSSE

Robin Meher, LOES

Ann O'Donnell, HSSE

Victoria Thomas, LOES