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HDFS 100: Orientation to Current Issues in Human Development and Family Studies

This guide provides information and resources helpful to students taking the HDFS 100 course.

Creating an Effective Search Strategy

Check out this 3-minute video for tips on better searching.

Tricks of the Trade: Key word searching

Would you like to know 4 quick tricks that work in most databases for key word searching? Find out how by viewing and listening to this 10 minute tutorial, which covers:

  1. phrase searching
  2. truncation (word stem searching)
  3. Boolean logic (combining key words with AND and OR)
  4. Nesting (grouping ideas)

Is This Article Scholarly?

This 1.5 minute video goes over quick tips for determinig if an article is "scholarly" or "popular."


This page been tailored for students taking HDFS 100 and includes links and tips for finding and citing sources.

Finding Articles

Use the research databases below to find sholarly articles. Each database has a different focus (child development, education, etc.), so read the brief descriptions below before you search, to find the most relevant one(s) for your research topic.

Search Google Scholar

If you're off-campus, click Off Campus Access to e-Resources for info on how to link to full-text (full articles) online through Purdue Libraries.

Google Scholar Search

Tips for Writing & Citing