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Family Study Room

This guide includes information on the Family Study Room located in the HSSE Library.
study room door with signage
workstation with computer
computer workstations
computer workstation facing study room entrance
toy cubbies and couch
rules sign

About the Family Study Room

The goal of the Family Study Room is to provide all parenting students with a comfortable place to work within the library while also recognizing and supporting their familial responsibilities. Parenting students with children will find a welcoming and safe space to study and complete project work while being able to keep an eye on their children. Children will discover toys and books just for them, to help keep them entertained while their parent or guardian works.


We ask that all patrons clean up after themselves and family members. This includes re-shelving toys and books and returning furniture to its original location. Toys, books, and other items are for in-room play only, and must remain in the space for future visitors to enjoy. An adult must be present at all times; children must not be left unattended. Please keep the room clean and safe by disposing of all trash in designated recepticles, wiping tabletops, and promptly alerting Libraries staff if something is amiss. This room is for Purdue students with children.

Space Details

This space includes

  • 2 ITaP computer workstations
  • 1 Libraries supported computer for child use
  • 1 Black/white printer
  • Soft seating
  • Assorted books and toys