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Diversity, Inclusion, Racism and Anti-Racism Resources

A guide to resources related to inclusion, diversity, racism and anti-racism from Purdue University Libraries

A Statement from Dean Beth McNeil

Enough is enough.

The systemic racism we see in the recurring acts of violence perpetrated against people of color in our country has gone on for far too long, and this violence will only stop when people with privilege step up and commit to understanding and actively countering these actions. 

It will take the collective action of us all to create the world ‘where racism and bigotry are eliminated’ and ‘everyone is treated with civility and respect.’  Action to create change comes in many forms.  One way to begin is through listening and learning, as we do here on our campus. Books can give us information and empathy, both of which we need to make our way through this complicated time and world we live in. Books help us explore the past, the present, and to imagine a better future.  

I encourage you to read, learn, and engage in this important work by exploring the Purdue Libraries resources listed here. Start dialogues, ask questions, listen to each other, and use your education to better the experiences of those who have been too long and too often silenced. 

-Beth McNeil, Dean, Purdue University Libraries and School of Information Studies and Esther Ellis Norton Professor of Library Science

June 2, 2020  

Recommended Reading from Purdue Libraries