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PHRM 485: Intercultural and Global Health Issues

Website Validity

• Authorship or sponsorship

The author(s) or creator(s) of the site should be clearly stated. Is there an about us page.

• Currency or timeliness

The dates of creation and/or the latest update should be easily found.  Also check for active links.

• Purpose or audience

Information or commercial?  If the reader is being encouraged to purchase something or the site is supported by advertising or if research is being cited as evidence with no corresponding source of that information, find another site.

• Accuracy – facts, not opinions

If you see quotes or information presented that is being cited, check the original source. Information can be misinterpreted or taken out of context

• Objectivity
Is only one side of an argument presented. Is it a personal webpage. Is there a specific agenda being pursued.

URL codes

Domain Published by
.edu American Universities UK University
.gov Government agencies (outside US will include country name or abbreviation
.org Organizations, includes nonprofits, advocacy groups, other
.int International government organizations, includes World Health Organization