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PHIL 290 Environmental Ethics: Research Institutions and Advocacy Organizations

Provides access to information resources dealing with environmental ethics for a course taught by Reyes Espinoza.

Research Institutions and Advocacy Organizations

Numerous organizations in the U.S. and other countries try to influence the environmental policies of governments and non-governmental organizations in their countries by testifying before government agencies, writing position papers, protesting, and interacting with governmental individuals in a position to sculpt environmental policy.  Examples of these organizations include:

Climate Depot   (Organization critical of alarmist perspectives on climate change)

Heritage Foundation (Conservative public policy research institute (think tank) promoting free market solutions to environmental and  other public policy issue)

National Wildlife Federation (Organization seeking to promote wildlife and wildlife habitat preservation)

Rand Corporation Energy and Environment (U.S. Government funded research and development institution conducting and publishing research on the environment and other public policy subjects.)

Reason Foundation (Libertarian organization promoting free market economics and the rule of law.

Sierra Club (Prominent environmental advocacy organization)

Check Associations Unlimited to find other environmental policy organizations.