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Downloading eBooks: EBL to Mobile

This guide explains how to use and download eBooks

Note: Adobe Digital Editions is required to download

If you are working on a public computer that is shared by others (e.g., in your library), you should read ebooks online via the EBL Online Reader. On your personal computer, all downloaded ebooks are read via Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), a separate application from Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader designed specifically for reading ebooks that have been secured with Adobe's digital rights management (DRM) software. In order to download and read EBL ebooks offline, you must first install ADE.

Downloading onto a Mobile Device

1. Access title and login using career account.

2. Click "Read Online" (required before downloading)

3. Click on "download" (on tab)

4. Select loan length between 1 and 21 days (1 day is default).

5. Select format: PDF or ePub (ePub is default)

6. Click "Download"

7. BlueReader app opens, and requests Adobe Digitals Editions username/password

8. Title appears in Bluefire Reader library

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