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Environmental Engineering: Government Resources

A guide to databases and online resources relevant to Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Databases for finding government information

These databases contain abstracts and full text of government produced environmental information. 


Government Documents on the Environment


Government agencies are major sources of environmental information. Federal, state, foreign, and international government organizations produce enormous amounts of information on environmental subjects. Subject headings you can use to search the Library Catalog for government documents pertaining to the environment include:

Climate Change

Environmental Policy
Environmental Policy United States
Environmental Protection United States
Hazardous Substances
Hazardous Substances--Law and Legislation--United States
Hydraulic Fracturing
NIMBY Syndrome

The principal index for U.S. Government publications is the Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications HSSE REF & Periodicals 016.353 Un36. This index is also
available online from 1976-present. Other useful indexes to U.S. Government information include ProQuest Statistical  (Purdue Users Only) covering statistical publications, NexisUni (Purdue Users Only) covering legal issues including court cases and law review articles,  Environmental Abstracts (Purdue Users Only) covering environmental topics, and the Congressional Information Service (CIS) Index HSSE REF 328.73005 C76 covering congressional publications. Connect HERE for information on downloading Purdue Libraries Ebooks.

Useful scholarly article databases for environmental history include America:  History and Life covering U.S. & Canadian history and Historical Abstracts covering historical literature from other global regions.

ProQuest Historical Annual Reports (Provides access to company annual reports going back to 1844.  Most reports from publicly traded countries date from the 1934 Securities and Exchange Act requiring publicly traded companies selling stock to publish annual reports.)

ProQuest Historical Newspapers (Articles from major U.S. newspapers)

Reader's Guide (Articles from popular news magazines 1890-present)

Sabin Americana 1500-1926 (Contains works about  the Americas between 1500-1926

U.S. Govt. Agencies

Agencies Producing Environmental Information

Many federal government agencies produce environmental information. This selected list of federal agencies producing environmental information includes their SuDoc number stem and the libraries in which they can be found.

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration                                       C 55

  SuDoc number stem Libraries
Environmental Protection Agency EP HSSE, WALC
Dept. of the Interior
(Environmental impact statements)
I 1.98 Repository
U.S. Geological Survey I 19 WALC and HICKS
Dept. of Energy E HSSE and WALC
Dept. of Defense D HSSE and WALC


Legal and Regulatory Information Sources

Federal and state laws, regulations, and court decisions are important sources of environmental information. Examples of these sources found in HSSE Library include:

Federal Digital System (Provides access to federal legal, legislative, and regulatory information sources.)

U.S. Government Manual HSSE Periodicals 353 Un35
Slip Laws HSSE DOC REF AE 2.110:
U.S. Statutes at Large & Here 1951-2002
HSSE REF 345.11 Un3

U.S. Code

Titles 16, 30, 33, 42-43

HSSE REF 345.11 Un3co
U.S. Code Annotated HSSE REF 345.11 Un3coa
Compilation of Selected Acts Concerning National Parks, Public Lands, & Related Matters HSSE DOC Y 4.R 31/3:107-A
Compilation of Selected Acts Within the Jurisdiction of the Committee on Energy & Commerce: Environmental Law Volumes 1 & 2 HSSE DOC Y 4.C 73/8:107-H
HSSE DOC Y 4.C 73/8:108-B
U.S. Reports HSSE DOC JU 6.8:
Lawyers Guide to U.S. Supreme Court Reports HSSE REF 345.4 Un37r
Environmental Administrative Decisions: Decisions of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency HSSE DOC EP 1.2:D 35/
Federal Register HSSE REF 353.005 Un34 (Also in fiche)

Code of Federal Regulations

Title 40

HSSE REF 353.005 C64 (Comment on proposed federal regulations.)
Index to the Code of Federal Regulations HSSE REF 353.005 C64 Index
List of Sections Affected HSSE REF 353.005 C64a
Indiana Code HSSE REF 348.772 In25c
West's Indiana Code Annotated HSSE REF 348.772026 In2w
Indiana Register HSSE REF 348.772025 In3
Indiana Administrative Code HSSE REF 348.772025 In2i

Subject Guide

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