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Chemical Company, Industry, and Economic Information

This guide will introduce you to resources to begin researching particular companies or industries, help you analyze a future employer, find suppliers of lab quantity and bulk chemicals, and find pricing for chemicals and equipment.

Major Laboratory Chemical Suppliers

Search for a Chemical Supplier

Bulk Chemical Pricing Information

Many of the links on this page contain pricing information from various suppliers. If not, then direct quotes, especially when bulk amounts are needed, may be required. Chemical pricing information is often very difficult to find.

ICIS has posted the August 28, 2006, bulk chemicals price list (the last one before the list was narrowed) on its ICIS Students website. This list can be used as a basic guide, but remember that it is no longer current. Some chemicals have since been updated with 2007 or 2008 prices. Currently Purdue does not have access to the most recent pricing information from ICIS.

Equipment & Parts