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ChE 200: Sophomore Seminar: Handbooks and Data

Resources useful for sophomores in the School of Chemical Engineering

Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook

Purdue has access to Perry's on two different ebook platforms.  Depending on your preference, you can use either. Both sites contain the contents of the entire 8th edition.


Knovel has e-books in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, including Plant Design and Operation and data on many chemical properties of compounds. Knovel also contains interactive graphs and diagrams. Hint: Simply search for the name of the compound and the property you are looking for, such as benzene and "boiling point." Notable titles include:


CRCnetBASE is a collection similar to Knovel, that has titles related to chemistry and chemical engineering.  It also contains a number of handbooks related to data on polymers.  You can search across the entire collection or connect directly to specific titles of interest below:

Other Resources for Chemical and Physical Properties

There is another LibGuide devoted entirely to various sources for Chemical and Physical Data:

Find properties fast