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Two Minute Tips for Education Students: Literature Reviews

Collection of short tutorials and help screens designed for Purdue's College of Education students and faculty.

Why cite your sources?


Additional article about SLR

Tutorials on Literature Reviews: How to find and do them.

Do you need to find review articles or do a lit review? 

These tutorials explain the differences between review articles and research articles and give a quick example of how to find literature reviews using different databases.

SystematicLiterature Reviews

SR help links

Useful resources:

Literature Reviews

        Cronin, P., Ryan, F., & Coughlan, M. (2008). British Journal of Nursing, Vol 17, No 1  Undertaking a literature review: a step-by-step approach

        Kumar, R. (2001). Research methodology: a step-by-step guide for beginners (now in its 4th edition.  Not owned by Purdue Libraries.

Systematic Quantitative Literature Review

     Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions. (2017). Higgins, J. & Green, S. (Eds).

Short course in systematic quantitative literature review

               Step 1. Overview of systematic quantitative literature review method

Step 2. Systematically searching for papers

Step 3 - Creating your own database

Step 4 - Writing the paper

Cochrane Training - Great Resources! -

Scoping Reviews:

What they are and how you do them (Cochrane Training)

·         Part 1 - Scoping Review An Overview with Examples

·         Part 4 - Doing scoping Reviews -

What is a scoping study?

Scoping Your Review

Scoping Reviews -

What is a scoping review? -

Systematic Reviews & Other Review Types -

·         What is scoping review

·         Names for scoping reviews

·         How a scoping review differs from a systematic review

·         Limitations of scoping review

Current Best practices for scoping reviews -

Subject Guide

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