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POL 223 Introduction to Environmental Policy: Journal Articles

POL 223 Introduction to Environmental Policy

Journal Articles

Journal Article Databases

Purdue Libraries subscribe to many databases featuring scholarly journal articles dealing with environmental law and policy including:

Academic Search Premier (Provides access to a wide variety of journals covering multiple topics.)

Associations Unlimited (Provides access to information about U.S. and international nongovernmental organizations (NGO's) representing a variety or perspectives on various subjects.
NGO Search Engine (Resource provided by University of California-Berkeley Library for locating information on NGO's)

CQ Public Affairs Collection (Provides access to objective public policy materials produced by a prominent public policy information publisher.)

CQ Weekly (Provides objective coverage of congressional activity on environmental and other public policy issues.)

Environmental Law Reporter (Covers court decisions, treaties, laws, and articles on environmental issues)

Global Reference on Energy & the Environment (GREENR) (Provides global and topical coverage on environmental issues)

JSTOR (Provides access to historical social science journal articles except for the last five years)

NexisUni (Provides access to law review articles, federal and state court legal case opinions, federal and state laws, and newspaper articles)

PAIS International (Provides access to political science journal articles, think-tank reports, and selected U.S. Government documents)

World News Connection (Provides access to broadcast and news media emphasizing scientific and technological topics.)

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts (Major source of scholarly political science literature)

ProQuest Environmental Abstracts (U.S. and international coverage of environmental issues)

Press Reader (Database of 2,000 newspapers from multiple countries with 90 day archive.)

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