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Case Competitions

Getting introduced to Case Competitions and the Center for Business Communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will a case competition take?

    • Every case takes a different amount of time, so check the rules and schedule of each specific case. Case worktime, or the time during which you can work on solving the problem before submission, can be as short as a few hours or as long as a week Total time commitment on the day of the competition, including arrival, presentation, and awards announcement, is roughly 2-6 hours.

Is there a "right answer" for a case?

    • Generally, cases do not have "right" or "wrong" answers as there are multiple ways to look at a single problem. This is your chance to show your creative problem solving skills. 

What do judges look for?

    • Judges look for many things from creativity, recommendation, financials, analysis, quantitative and qualitative measures or presentation style, communication ability, slide deck visuals, and answers to questions.  
    • Every judge will have different perspectives and place different weighted values on each aspect of the case. 

Can other teams watch my presentation?

    • Generally, other teams or students are not allowed to sit in on first-round presentations but may be allowed to watch second-round presentations if they are held.
    • Watching other people perform when you have a chance is a great way to learn and get feedback.