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Engineering/Band Learning Community: Session Outline

Library Session

Here is what I covered today:

  • Why are we here?

**Invited to help you explore what the Purdue Libraries has to offer to support your academic, personal, and professional needs**

  • Information Literacy
  • How do you search for books and ebooks in the Purdue Libraries? 
  • How do you retrieve the full text of a known article, through Google Scholar and the Purdue Libraries databases?
  • What are the differences between popular and scholarly articles? 

  • How do you develop a database search strategy? 

  • How do you select a database to search? 

  • How do you input a search in the database successfully? 

Here is what I didn't get to cover, but you can explore on your own, or ask me questions about at any time:

  • Evaluating Information - see "Database Search Tips" tab
  • Managing Information - Endnote, Zotero, Mendeley

Getting Help:

Assistant Professor, Purdue Libraries

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Wei Zakharov
3053P WALC

Assistant Professor, Purdue Libraries

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Margaret Phillips
3053C WALC