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Drug information resources

Drug Information Resources

AHFS Drug Information - evidence-based and peer-reviewed references, compiled by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) without the influence of manufacturers, insurers, regulators, or other interested parties.  AHFS DI has been designated as an official compendium by the US Congress and  contains information from medical literature and expert advice from over 500 medical scientists, physicians, pharmacists, pharmacologists, and other professionally qualified individuals that goes beyond FDA-approved labeling. 

Detailed Drug Information for the Consumer - patient-oriented drug information to help patients understand and successfully follow their drug regimens

Drug Points System - evidence-based information to help healthcare professionals prescribe, administer and monitor drugs safely and efficiently. Contains more than 1,400 concise, unbiased, synopses on drugs.

Facts and Comparisons eAnswers A database of monographs on prescription and nonprescriptions drugs and natural products.  Includes tools to help identify drugs and check for interactions, interactive dosing tools and calculators, and various helpful references (“Do not crush / chew,” “Look alike / sound alike,” “Orphan drugs,” etc.)

Remote access to Facts and Comparisons eAnswers - Use your Purdue career account to log in.

Lexi Comp - A database of drug monographs, with sections focusing on pediatric and geriatric drug use, natural medicines, pharmacogenomics, infectious diseases.  Includes links to AHFS Drug Information, tools for checking drug interactions, drug identification, and calculations, and news on drugs, FDA recalls/shortages/alerts.

Micromedex A collection of databases with summaries and detailed monographs on drugs, alternative medicine, toxicology, and reproductive risks.  Includes tools for drug interactions, IV compatibility, drug identification, drug comparison and calculators. 

      Remote access to Micromedex - Use your Purdue career account to log in.

USP-NF  -  The United States Pharmacopeia and The National Formulary (USP–NF) is a book of public pharmacopeial standards. It contains standards for chemical and biological drug substances, dosage forms, and compounded preparations, excipients, medical devices, and dietary supplements.

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