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2016 Election Resources: Indiana Politics and Government

Resources on 2016 election campaign

Indiana Politics and Government

Indiana Congressional Campaign Resources
For incumbent Indiana Senator and Representatives websites go here

2018 Campaign Resources

Indiana U.S. Senate Race

Mike Braun (R)

Mark Hurt (R) announces candidacy February 1, 2017

Rep. Luke Messer (R) announces candidacy July 26, 2017

Rep. Todd Rokita (R) announces candidacy Aug. 9, 2017 (Supporters Facebook page)

Joe Donnelly (D) Incumbent

Bill Bowser (D)(Facebook

Andrew Horning (Libertarian)

2016 Congressional Campaign Resources

U.S. Senate Senator Dan Coats (R)(Incumbent) announces he will not seek reelection March 24, 2015.


Marlin Stutzman (R)-Defeated May 3, 2016.

Todd Young (R)-Elected Nov. 8, 2016.

Evan Bayh (D)(Enters Race July 17, 2016) Defeated Nov. 8, 2016.

Baron Hill (D)(Withdrew July 11, 2016

Lucy Brenton (Libertarian)

1st District - Covers northwest Indiana plus Newton and Benton counties. Peter Visclosky (Democrat)(Incumbent)(Re-elected Nov. 8, 2016.

John Meyer (R)

Donna Dunn (Libertarian)

2nd District - Covers south/southwest from the South Bend area including Carroll County.

Jackie Walorski (Republican)(Incumbent)(Re-elected Nov. 8, 2016)

Lynn Coleman (D)

3rd District - Covers northeastern Indiana including Fort Wayne

Marlin Stutzman (R)(Incumbent) Unsuccessful candidate for U.S. Senate
Banks (Republican)(Elected Nov. 8, 2016)
Tommy Schrader (Democrat)

 4th District - Purdue University is in this district which also includes White, Montgomery, Hendricks, and some southern Indiana counties)
Todd Rokita (Republican)(Incumbent)(Re-elected Nov. 8, 2016)Running for U.S. Senate
Jim Baird (Republican)
Steve Braun (Republican)
Kevin Grant (Republican)
Diego Morales (Republican)
Jared Thomas (Republican)
Tobi Beck (Democrat)
Joe Mackey (Democrat)

5th District - Covers north suburban Indianapolis, Hamilton County, Tipton, Howard, Grant, Wabash, and adjacent counties.

 Susan Brooks (Republican)(Incumbent)(Re-elected Nov. 8, 2016)
Angela Demaree  (Democrat)

6th District - Covers East and Central Indiana including Delaware, Rush, and Wayne counties.

Luke Messer (Republican)(Incumbent)(Re-elected Nov. 8, 2016)
Barry Welsh (Democrat)
Rich Turvey (Libertarian)

 7th District - Covers Central Indianapolis and a majority of Marion County
Andre Carson(Democrat)(Incumbent)(Re-elected Nov. 8, 2016)
Cat Ping (Republican)
Drew Thompson (Libertarian)

8th District - Covers southwestern Indiana including Evansville and extending northward to include Terre Haute and Vermilion and most of Warren County.
Larry Bucshon (Republican)(Incumbent)(Re-elected Nov. 8, 2016)
Ron Drake (Democrat)
Andrew Horning (Libertarian)

9th District - Covers south central and southeastern Indiana including cities such as Bloomington, Jeffersonville, and Madison and adjacent counties.
 Todd Young (Republican)(Incumbent)(Running for U.S. Senate)

Trey Hollingsworth (Republican)(Elected Nov. 8, 2016)
Shelli Yoder (Democrat)
Russell Brooksbank (Libertarian)

Indiana Election Campaign Resources

Indiana Secretary of State Election Division-Indiana state agency responsible for regulating campaigns for Indiana
state and local offices. Features campaign contribution information through Indiana Campaign Finance Database.

Indiana Election Laws and Regulations
Indiana Code HSSE REF 348.772 In25c (Title 3)-Broken into 36 Titles, or subjects, this has the complete text of Indiana State Laws.
Indiana Administrative Code-(Title 18)-Broken into several hundred titles, or subjects, this is the complete text of regulations used to enforce Indiana State Laws.
Indiana General Assembly-Go here and click on the "Bills and Resolutions" link to search for state legislation on bills and other topics.
General Assembly Committees-Provides links to the House Elections and Apportionment Committee, Senate Elections and Redistricting Subcommittee, and Senate Local Government and Elections Committee which are responsible for reviewing proposed legislation and the Indiana Secretary of State Election Division.

Indiana Governor and Lt. Governor Campaign Resources
Mike Pence
(Selected Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate July 16, 2016)

Eric Holcombe & Suzanne Crouch(R)(Republican Gov. & Lt. Gov. candidates)(Elected Nov. 8, 2016)

John Gregg& Christina Hale ( Democratic Gov. & Lt. Gov candidates 2016)
Rex Bell (Libertarian)

Karl Tatgenhorst (Lt. Gov. Libertarian)

Indiana Republican Party
Indiana Democratic Party
Indiana Libertarian Party

Indiana General Assembly Candidates

Indiana State Senate District 22 (2010)-next election 2014
Ron Alting (R)(Incumbent)

House District 26
Randy Truitt
(R)(Incumbent)(Will not seek reelection in 2016)
Sally Siegrist (R)
(Elected Nov. 8, 2016)
Victoria Woeste (D)

House District 27

Sheila Klinker (D)Incumbent(Re-elected Nov. 8, 2016)

Indiana Secretary of State
Connie Lawson (R)(Incumbent)
Beth White  (D)

Indiana State Auditor
Suzanne Croch (R)(Incumbent)

Mike Claytor  (D)

Indiana State Treasurer

Kelly Mitchell (R)
Mike Boland (D)

Local Election Information
Tippecanoe County Board of Election and Registration-Features voter registration information, forms, and voting locations.

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