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Business News and Articles

Get started with Business News and Articles.

Business News and Articles - Get Started


  • All-purpose business research and news databases aggregate different types of information:
    • Mainstream business news articles from sources like The Economist or Fortune magazine.
    • Academic articles from sources like the Academy of Management Journal, also known as "peer review" sources.
      • Peer review is a quality-control evaluation process; scholars submit articles for publication in an academic journal and their submissions are reviewed by expert peers.
  • News databases do not include academic sources and vary in scope including:
    • Global business news
    • Regional business news
    • General news on all topics including business.
  • Industry and trade association publications contain articles for professionals working/investing in a specific industry or trade like industrial hose manufacturing or pet food.
  • Specialty academic research databases focus on areas like agricultural economics and hospitality and tourism.

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