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Theatre 381: History of Theatre II: Citing Your Sources

This is a course research guide for students in Theatre 381.

Citing Your Sources in MLA

For the assignments in Theatre 381, you will need to demonstrate that you looked to scholarly sources to inform your understanding of your play. The best way to do this is to cite the sources you read and referenced in your assignments. In this course, you will use "MLA" style to cite your work. Visit the links below to learn more about citing your work. 

How to Cite

Using the Catalog's Citation Generator

The Libraries' catalog (and many other databases) have a convenient tool for automatically generating citations that you can copy and paste into your Works Cited page. Because they are automatically generated, they may not be 100% accurate. Please visit the resources in the How to Cite section above to verify that they are properly structured and have all the necessary information.


Here are some steps for using this tool in the catalog:

1. From a catalog record page, click on the Citation option under the Send to section.


2. Select the correct citation style from the left-hand side of the pop-up (in your case, use MLA). You can then copy the generated citation to a document you are using to keep track of your references.





From a specific database (e.g. International Bibliography of Theatre and Dance),

1. look for a Citation option from the right-side menu.




2. Once you've clicked on Citation, you will get a popup that allows you to copy and past the generated citation. Make sure you're using the right style!