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Two Minute Tips for Education Students: #6 Open Access I

Collection of short tutorials and help screens designed for Purdue's College of Education students and faculty.

Where can I get a list of open access journals?

What happens to my rights?

Open Access from PhD Comic

What is "open access?"  check out this link to an 8 minute cartoon from PhD (Piled Higher and Deeper) Comics to see an explanatory video of open access.  Learning can be fun!  

Purdue ePUBS

Purdue Libraries support open access by providing a place where faculty and researchers can deposit their papers so other can read them.  It's called ePubs.  


Even if you published in non-open access journals, you may be able to submit your articles to ePUB.  Many publishers allow authors to submit the last submitted version of their paper in a university repository.  Need help understanding how to do this?  Contact Judy Nixon,

Subject Guide

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Judy Nixon
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