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Two Minute Tips for Education Students: #4 Finding an e-journal

Collection of short tutorials and help screens designed for Purdue's College of Education students and faculty.

Finding E-Journal Articles

Are you looking for a electronic version of a journal article?

Do you know the author, title or name of the journal?

This TWO MINUTE TIP shows two methods for finding the full text online.

Google Scholar Links to full text

Would you like to link directly to the full text articles using Google Scholar?  There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Set up "Library Links" inside of Google Scholar; a one time change in your settings.  Find out how by clicking on the video link below.  Or look at boxes on left side of this screen. 
  2. Click on the link called "Google Scholar Link for Off Campus Users"  and add this url to your favorites.  Use this everytime you go to Google Scholar. 

Linking to Library Resources from Google Scholar

You can access Purdue University Library materials from off-campus using Google Scholar through EZProzy.   EZProxy won't be initiated until you click through the "Full Text at Purdue" link and attempt to access a resource.

First you must set up your library links to display the "Full Text at Purdue" link when off-campus.  On campus users are recognized by their IP and no configuration is needed.

1. Go to Google Scholar -

2. Click on the settings gear gear icon that is located on the top right hand side of the screen, below the black bar.

Google Scholar Image 1

3. Type "Purdue University" into the "Library Links" box. Click on "Find Library."  Search for Purdue University , and select "Purdue University Libraries - Full Text at Purdue".

5. Select "Save."

6. Now the Full Text at Purdue link should appear in Google Scholar each time you run a search from off campus.

When you click the Full Text at Purdue link you will see vendors that provide the item through the Purdue Universtiy Libraries.

You will then need to login with your Career Account and Password.

Then you will be taken to the article or journal just as if you were on-campus.  Sometimes you may be required to browse for the specific arictle in an archive or table of contents.  Look for a PDF link to the article. 

Subject Guide

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