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Sociology: Soc 580: Intro to Methods

These tabs provide links to information relating to the subject of Sociology.

Searching the Catalog for Government Documents

Purdue University Libraries have many information resources for conducting social science and sociology research. Most of these resources will be located in the Humanties, Social Science and Education (HSSE) Library.

The Libraries Catalog is a great starting point to begin searching for books on your research topic. You can use the catalog to search for resources by personal or organizational authors, title, Library of Congress subject headings (LCSH), and keywords. Some examples of LCSH searches you can use for sociology related works include:

U.S. Government Documents--HSSE

U.S. Government Documents are located on the 1st floor of the HSSE periodical stacks and in microfiche on the 2nd floor of HSSE. These documents are classified alphabetically by the agency producing the document using the Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) classification system.

Every letter, number, and punctuation mark in a SuDoc number is important because it tells something about the document and the agency producing it. Take a look at the following SuDoc example:

Child Welfare:  Early Experiences Implementing a Managed Care Approach. Management & Economics Library GA 1.13:HEHS-99-8. Washington, DC:  General Accounting Office, 1998.

This publication was produced by the General Accounting Office (now known as the Government Accountability  [GA] Office), which is reflected in its SuDoc classifcation number.

If you need additional assistance with Government Documents, please contact Professor Bert Chapman. He is the Government Information & Political Science Librarian.   

Professor Chapman maintains a guide that specifically highlights Government Information Resources for Sociology.

Professor Chapman contact information:

Phone:  494-2837



Here are some resources that you may find helpful:

Subject Guide

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