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Science 360 Fall 2014: Home

Resources to support the Fall 2014 SCI 360 course



Step 1:  Half-page preliminary report, including a brief discussion of the general point of the article.

Step 2: Full Paper, answering questions:

(1) What is the big picture? In other words, what is the larger issue (or set of issues) that your article is helping to clarify? 

(2) What is the specific contribution of your article? 

Include with your paper three references that are relevant to the overall context of your article. For each reference, give a very brief (one or two sentences) discussion of what the reference is about.

How to Read a Scientific Paper

Resources to locate information on your papers

You can choose the most appropriate database from the Libraries' database list:  You can filter the master list by Category (i.e., subject area).  What follows are some examples of databases that might be useful. 

Citation Databases

Subject Guide

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