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Research Centers: A - C

Listing of U.S. and foreign academic and public policy research centers.

Research Centers Economics & Education

This guide presents information resources, analysis, data, and visual analytics representing from research institutions (think-tanks) in the U.S. and internationally representing a variety of intellectual and political perspectives.  These institutions have different funding sources and conduct research on numerous public policy issues and produce findings which can enhance instructional and research knowledge and are frequently used by U.S. and foreign national governments to implement their polices.. These institutions will be arranged alphabetically by subject in the following areas:  Economics and Finance, Education Policy, Family and Social Policy, International Relations, National and International Security, Public Policy/Politics, and Science and Technology Policy.  Many of these organizations conduct and publish research in multiple areas besides the subject classification they are listed in on this guide. I welcome suggestions for including additional institutions.

Featured Resources: 

Out of Sight, Not Out of Reach:  Understanding Transnational Repression is a February 2021 Freedom House report 

Legislative Response to Policing:  State Bill Tracking Database (National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) database covering 2020-present.

The Fiscal and Economic Impacts of  Federal Oil and Gas Lease Moratorium and Drilling Ban  Policies is a Wyoming Energy Authority report (Dec. 2020)

Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security COVID-19 situation reports & fact sheets.  See especially their Coronavirus Map 

COVID 19 Hospitalization Tracking Project:  University of Minnesota and  Dept. of Health & Human Services product tracking COVID hospitalizations by state and county.

A Sensible and Compassionate Anti-Covid Strategy is an article by  Stanford University Professor of Medicine Jay Bhattacharya published in HIllsdale College's Imprimis

Critical Race Theory:  The New Intolerance and Its Grip on America  is a December 7, 2020 Heritage  Foundation study.

The Implicit Association Test: Flawed Science Tricks Americans into Believing They Are Unconscious  Racists 
is a 2017 Heritage Foundation study.

Global  Health Security Index  Collaboration between Johns Hopkins University, Economist Intelligence Unit, and the Nuclear Threat Initiative assessing  country health security capabilities and indicators.

An Analysis of Vice-President Biden's Economic Agenda:  The Long Run Impact of its Regulations, Taxes,  and Spending is an October 2020 Hoover Institute report.

A Comparative Analysis of Policy Approaches to Covid 19, Around the World with Recommendations for U.S. Lawmakers is a July 2020 Heritage Foundation Analysis.

Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation  (IHME):  University of Washington resource using medical data and providing national and state-by-state projections of COVID019 developments.

National Coronavirus Recovery Commission:  Heritage Foundation initiative announced on April 6,  2020.

State Line:  Pew Trust resource providing information on  state government developments including coronavirus.

Economics and Finance


Education Policy

Subject Specialist