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Planetary Sciences: Historical Technical Reports

Resources relevant to research in planetary sciences

Lunar and Planetary Institute

James, OB and Horz F. 1981. Workshop on Apollo 16: A Lunar and Planetary Institute Workshop. LPI Tech Rpt. 81-01 Houston, TX, November 13-15.


NASA. 1976. The Study of Comets. Part 1 and Part 2. NASA Special Publication 393. Washington, DC. Proceedings of a conference held at Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, October 28-November 1, 1974.

NASA. 1977. Voyager to Jupiter and Saturn. NASA Special Publication 420. Washington, DC.

NASA. 1977. Space Missions to Comets. NASA Conference Publication 2089. Washington, DC. Proceedings of a conference held at Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, October 1977.

NASA. 1978. The Saturn System. NASA Conference Publication 2068. Washington, DC. Proceedings of a workshop held at Reston, Virginia, February 9 -11, 1978.

Duxbury, TC, Callahan, JD, and Ocampo, AC. 1984. Phobos: Close Encounter Imaging from the Viking Orbiters. NASA Reference Publication 1109. Washington, DC.

NASA. 1987. High-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer: Science Opportunities for the 1990s. Volume IIC Instrument Panel Report, Washington, DC.

NASA. 1987. Altimetric System: Earth Observing System. Volume IIh Panel Report. Washington, DC.

NASA. 1992. Planetary Geosciences 1989-1990. NASA Special Publication 508. Washington, DC.

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