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INDIGO Membership Form

INDIGO Membership Form 

Membership in INDIGO (Indiana Networking for Documents and Information of Government Organizations) is open to all individuals who are interested in government information issues. INDIGO's main financial support comes from membership dues. Membership dues give you the right to vote, serve on committees, and take part in INDIGO business.




Business Address:



Business phone:

E-Mail Address:

Please indicate if you are interested in serving on one of the following committees:

_____ Federal Depository Representatives Committee (FedRec)
_____ State Depository Representative Committee (StateRec)
_____ Communications Committee
_____ Nominations Committee

_____ Program Committee

_____ Ad Hoc Education Committee

Please send completed form with your annual dues ($10.00), payable to INDIGO, to:

Emily Alford, INDIGO Secretary/Treasurer
Social Sciences Librarian,

Herman B Wells Library 264

1320 East Tenth Street

Bloomington, Indiana 47405

Subject Specialist