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Indiana State Statistical Agency Websites

Features links to statistical resources produced by Indiana State Government agencies.

Indiana State Statistical Agency Websites

Many Indiana state government agencies produce statistical materials to assist policy makers in public policy formulation and implementation.  A number of these agencies have websites providing users with timely access to the statistics they produce. 

Examples of these agencies include:

Hoosiers by the Numbers  Indiana Dept. of Workforce and Development Labor Force Statistics
Indiana Advisory Committee on Intergovernmental Relations   Organization seeking to improve communication and cooperation between federal, state, and local government on various public policy issues.
Indiana Agricultural Statistics Service:  Purdue University resource procing Indiana agricultural statistics as part of the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service.
Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission   Responsible for regulating and limiting the manufacture, sale, and possession of alcohol and alcoholic beverages and tobacco.  Licenses and regulates those authorized to sellers of these products.
Indiana Dept of Natural Resources   Indiana's natural resources policymaking agency.  Manages state parks, forests, & historic sites
Indiana Dept. of Revenue   Responsible for administering Indiana tax laws.
Indiana Board of Depositories  Insures deposits of public monies in Indiana banks.
Indiana Bond Bank  Purchases bonds and notes from communities and issues obligations on the open market.
Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles  Responsible for administering and regulating automotive and trucking vehicle licensing and registration
Indiana Commission for Higher Education  Agency responsible for promoting public higher education in Indiana and featuring various statistical materials.
Indiana Criminal Justice Institute   Serves as Indiana's planning agency for criminal justice, juvenile justice, traffic safety, and crime victim services.
Indiana Dept of Administration  Provides support services to other state agencies to ensure smooth governmental functioning.  Contains information on state contracts and contracting and property and vehicle ownership information.
Indiana Dept. of Agriculture  Responsible for promoting Indiana agricultural products & services.
Indiana Dept of Child Services  Protects children from abuse and neglect.  Compiles statistical reports on its enforcement activities.
Indiana Dept of Correction   Administers Indiana state prison system.
Indiana Dept. of Education  Regulates K-12 public education in Indiana
Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management  Indiana's principal environmental policymaking agency.  Features environmental emissions statistics.
Indiana Dept. of Financial Institutions  Supervises commercial banks, savings and loan associations, and other financial service providers while also being responsible for Uniform Commercial Code licensees.
Indiana Dept. of Local Government Finance  Responsible for local government finances and property tax assessment.
Indiana Dept of Natural Resources  Indiana's natural resources policymaking agency.  Manages state forests, parks, and historic sites.
Indiana Dept. of Revenue  Responsible for administering Indiana tax laws.
Indiana Dept. of Transportation  Responsible for building and maintaining Indiana's transportation system.
Indiana Economic Development Corporation  Indiana's primary state economic development agency.
Indiana Election Commission  Located in the Indiana Secretary of State's office, this agency regulates the conduct of state and local elections and features election results.
Indiana Family & Social Services Administration  Provides services to low-income individuals and those dealing with problems such as mental illness, disability, aging, and at-risk children.
Indiana Gaming Commission:  Responsible for regulating riverboard gambling.  Rich source of economic statistics.
Indiana Horse Racing Commission  Responsible for regulating pari-mutuel horse racing.
Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority  Responsible for financing residential mortgages, rental housing development, and enhancing community housing opportunities.
Indiana Lobby Registration Commission  Responsible for regulating individuals and organizations lobbying state government.
Indiana Lottery Commission  Responsible for regulating and distributing Hoosier Lottery revenue.
Indiana Office of Energy Development  Coordinates state energy policies.
Indiana Office of Inspector General  Investigates criminal and ethical violations by state employees & contractors.
Indiana Public Employees Retirement Fund  Manages and regulates Indiana state employee retirement funds.
Indiana Secretary of State Business Division  Responsible for registering Indiana businesses.
Indiana Secretary of State Securities  Oversees Indiana's securities industry, mortgage brokers, collection agencies, franchisors, continuing care retirement systems, and protecting investors from fraud.
Indiana State Auditor Accounts for Indiana's funds, oversees tax and revenue disbursement, and pays state bills and employes.
Indiana State Board of Accounts Agency auditing Indiana government units financial statements
Indiana State Budget Agency Prepares the state budget and makes state revenue forecasts.

Indiana State Data Center  U.S. Census Bureau affiliate providing Census information customized for Indiana.
Indiana State Dept. of Health  Indiana's primary state health agency compiling and publishing statistics on health matters.
Indiana Treasurer Responsible for managing Indiana's investment portfolio.
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission   Regulates electric, natural gas, telecommunications, water, and sewer utilities.
State Utility Forecasting Group-Purdue University  Forecasts electric consumption, prices, & resource requirements.
InView  Dept. of Education data providing K-12 school and student performance information.
STATS Indiana  Indiana statistical data from state agencies and various research entities.