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Introduction to Research for Health Sciences Undergraduates : Home

A research guide for undergraduate health sciences students


This tutorial will guide Health Sciences undergraduate students through the following:

  1. Publication Cycle & Scientific Research--How Scientific Research is Conducted and Published; Primary and Secondary Resources
  2. Navigating Library Resources--Where to Search for Books and Articles; Locating Full Text in Print and Online; Getting Help from Library Staff
  3. Basic Search Strategies--Google™ vs. Library Databases; Database Search Techniques: Keywords, Boolean operators, Truncation
  4. Advanced Search Strategies--Database Search Techniques: Subject, Field, Publication type
  5. Evaluating Information--Using Scholarly Sources; Comparing Sources, and Corroborating Facts
  6. Using and Creating Citations--Interpreting and Creating Citations; Citing Sources

Use the tabs on this Home page to navigate to each section.

Health Sciences Information Specialist

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Bethany McGowan
Liaison to Nursing, Nutrition, and Speech, Language, and Hearing Science
Wilmeth Active Learning Center, 3053H
Subjects: Medicine & Health