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Government Documents on Space Policy: Government Documents on Space Policy

Government Documents on Space Policy

Space Policy

Government Documents on Space Policy


The U.S. Government has spent billions of dollars on space exploration and research since the 1950�s. Other foreign governments and international government organizations also invest enormous financial and personnel resources in space exploration and research. This exploration and research has produced a tremendous amount of documentation which can be studied and analyzed by users in print and electronic formats. Purdue Libraries have significant government resources dealing with space policy, research, and exploration. These resources are primarily in the ENGR and HSSE Libraries though they can be found in other Purdue Libraries as well. Subject headings you can use to search the Library Catalog for government documents on space policy include:

Astronautics and State United States
Launch Vehicles (Astronautics)
Outer Space Exploration United States

Project Apollo
Space Sciences Research United States
Space Stations

The principal index for U.S. Government publications is the Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications HSSE REF & Periodicals 016.353 Un36 which is available online for many decades.. The GPO Index also indexes U.S. Government Publications from 1976 on. Additional useful U.S. Government publications indexes include the Congressional Information Service (CIS) Index HSSE REF 328.73005 C76 covering congressional publications from 1970 to present, the CIS U.S. Congressional Serial Set Index 1789-1969 9 HSSE REF 328.73 C761c available online here, and the CIS U.S.
Congressional Committee Hearings Index 1833-1969
HSSE REF 348.731 C76

U.S. Government indexes covering scientific aspects of space policy and research
include Scientific Technical and Aerospace Reports (STAR) ENGR 016.6295
Un31ip and ENGR NAS 1.9/4:  and NASA Patent Abstracts Bibliography ENGR 629.500272 Un3n.  Connect HERE for information on downloading Purdue Libraries Ebooks


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