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Government Documents on Geology: Government Documents on Geology

Government Documents on Geology

Government Documents on Geology

Government Documents on Geology


Purdue University Libraries have numerous government documents on geology. Purdue is a selective depository for U.S. Government documents and most documents on geology are located in the Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences (EAPS) Library with some being located in the HSSE Library too. Subject headings you can use to search for government documents on geology in the Libraries Catalog include:

Geology--United States
Geology, stratigraphic
Plate Tectonics

A number of federal agencies produce geology-related publications. One can do acorporate author searches for them in the Libraries Catalog by doing an author search and typing the following entries:

Geological Survey U.S.
United States Bureau of Land Management

United States Bureau of Reclamation

The principal index for finding U.S. Government publications is the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications HSSE REF & Periodicals 016.353 Un36. This resources is also available online from 1994-present. This database can also be searched in the GPO Index on the Purdue Libraries website. Connect HERE for information on downloading Purdue Libraries ebooks.

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