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HIST 602 Research Seminar: 20th Century International History: HIST 602 Research Seminar: 20th Century International History

HIST 602 Research Seminar: 20th Century International History

HIST 602



Library Research Guide for HIST 602: Research Seminar-20th Century International History

Purdue Libraries have numerous publications dealing with international history during this time period in books, journal articles, and government information resources. Many of these resources are accesible through the Libraries Online Catalog by author, title, and subject. Sample Library of Congress subject searches you can do include:

United Nations
United Nations Armed Forces
United Nations Armed Forces Somalia
International Monetary Fund

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International Government Organization Research Guides
Most international government organizations produce valuable information describing their work. Good reference sources describing these resources which are available in the HSSE Library collection include:

International Information: Documents, Publications, and Electronic Information of International Government Organizations. Peter I. Hajnal, ed. HSSE REF 021.64 In8 1997
Chad M. Kahl. International Relations, International Security, and Comparative Politics: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources. HSSE 016.3203 K12li 2008
Andrea Morrison & Barbara Mann. International Government Information and Country Information: A Subject Guide. HSSE REF 025.04 M834i 2004

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