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GS 175 Government Statistical Sources: Government Documents Statistical Sources for GS 175

GS 175 Government Statistical Sources

GS 175

Government Statistical Sources for GS175


Government publications are excellent sources of statistical information on a wide variety of subjects. Purdue University Libraries are a depository for U.S. Government and Indiana State documents. Government publications are arranged by subject in school and departmental libraries across campus.

Most U.S. Government publications from 1975 on can be found in the online catalog. The principal index for locating U.S. Government publications is Catalog of Government Publications  which indexes these publications from 1976 to the present. It's print version is Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications HSSE REF & Periodicals 016.353 Un 36 located in the HSSE Library Reference Department and its online from 1994-present. The GPO Index of the Purdue Libraries index page is another electronic index for U.S. Government documents.



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