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Journal and Database Cancellations Project FY21: Proposed Cancellations

Information and resources related to Purdue University Libraries and School of Information Studies' ongoing Journal and Database Cancellations Project for fiscal year 2021


Your feedback is extremely valuable to us as we make difficult decisions about the cancellation of costly subscription resources. We encourage you to explore this list and identify any titles that you deem essential to your teaching or research, or, conversely, titles that you agree are no longer vital to the Libraries' collections. Your feedback is critical to our decision-making process, but please note that advocating for a title does not automatically mean that it will be kept. Remember that we will work with you to find alternative means of access to everything you need in the event that a title you use frequently does end up on the final cancellations list. 

Libraries faculty and staff compiled this list following a comprehensive assessment of our research database and journal subscriptions. Factors taken into consideration included: overlap with other resources; overall cost and inflation rates for specific information resources and/or publishers; usage statistics; research value; and, contractual obligations to maintain subscriptions.

The deadline for submitting feedback has now passed. Thank you!

Journals and Databases Subject to Cancellation in FY21

The deadline to submit feedback on this list has now passed. Thank you to all who contributed valuable input. The final list of cancellations will be posted here in June. 

If the list does not load immediately, please wait, refresh your browser, and check that your ad-blocker is not affecting this page. If you continue to have problems, please contact Ayn Reineke for assistance. Thank you. 

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