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Communication: COM 212

A resource guide for Communication students and faculty.

Search Like a Pro

Is it "scholarly?"

Anatomy of a Research Article

Find Articles - Databases

Use the databases / search engines below to find articles. Each has a different focus, so read the brief descriptions before searching. 

Find Articles - Google Scholar

Google Scholar looks a lot like "regular Google," but it only contains scholarly publications, mainly articles. It includes some (not all) of the articles you may find using the Libraries research databases, so use it in addition to databases.

Full-text access to many materials in Google Scholar is not available to everyone, so click here for instructions for setting your Scholar preference, so that full-text links from Purdue Libraries will show up in your Google Scholar results.

Google Scholar Search

Need help?

Email Catherine (Communication Librarian) or ask your question via Ask a Librarian.

Citing & Writing Tips

Avoid Plagiarism

How to Evaluate Sources