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HIST 395 Famines in History: U.S. Government Information Resources

Will provide access to scholarly governmental and non-governmental resources for this class taught by Professor Doug Hurt during Spring 2020.

U.S. Government Information Resources

Numerous U.S. Government information resources provide access to famine information including:

Catalog of Government Publications (U.S. Government publishing office database providing access to materials available to Federal Depository LIbraries like Purdue University)

CIA Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) (Provides access to declassified CIA National Intelligence Estimates (NIE's) on various topics since 1947.

CIA Country Maps from CIA World Factbook

University of Texas Austin Perry Castaneda Library Maps (Features maps from CIA, the military, and various other sources for U.S. and international locations

Climate Data Online  (Find historic U.S. and selected international climate data from the Commerce Dept's National Oceanic & Atmopheric Administration)

Foreign Relations of the United States (Official documentary record of U.S. Foreign policy.  In edited volumes from 1861-1980s)

State Dept. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Virtual Reading Room (Contains more recent State Dept. documents on famine and U.S. famine reponse policy released via FOIA requests)

Hathitrust Catalog-Repository including historic U.S. government documents and foreign government national documents

ProQuest Congressional (Historical U.S. government documents, including congressional debates and committee reports on legislation, along with reports by agencies such as the Dept. of Agriculture.  Features congressional committee hearings from 1824-1979)

House Foreign Affairs Committee (current and recent hearings). Rep. Greg Pence (R-IN) is a member of this committee.

House Committee on International Relations (1970-1978 & 1995-2006)

House Foreign Affairs Committee (pre-1970, 1979-1994, and 2007-present)

Senate Foreign Relations Committee (current and recent hearings).  Senator Todd Young (R-IN) is a member of this committee.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee (historic hearings via Hathitrust Catalog)

CSPAN Video Library Features CSPAN broadcast public affairs programming from 1987-present.

Public Law 83-480 (1954) Popularly known as the PL 480. Food for Peace Act, this Eisenhower Administration legislation is the foundation for contemporary U.S.  international food assistance programs. Currently codified in the U.S. Code at 7 USC 1691 et. seq.

U.S. Agency for International Development-Agency responsible for civilian U.S. foreign economic and social assistance.

U.S. Agency for International Development-Full text documents from this agency in Hathitrust Catalog from 1961-recently

USAID Foreign Aid Explorer (Tracks U.S. foreign assistance from Fiscal Years 2001-present)

U.S. Declassified Documents Online (Declassified documents from various U.S. government agencies from 1941-2000.  Purdue Users Only)

Yearbook of Agriculture (Annual USDA yearbook published until 1993)

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