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Purdue Libraries Civics Education: Indiana State Government Organization

This guide provides information on the U.S. Government and Constitution and seeks to provide information for users on how the U.S. Government and Constitution are structured and how individuals can successfully participate in the American governmental pro

Indiana State Government Organization

Indiana Governor  (Indiana's Chief Executive elected to a four year term and can serve two consecutive terms.)

Members of Indiana Governor's Cabinet

Indiana General Assembly  (Introduces, adopts, or rejects legislation.  Funds state government programs.  Provides oversight of state government program performance.  100 Representatives are elected for two year terms.  50 Senators are elected for four year terms on  a rotating basis with 25 elected every two years and the other 25 elected two years after the previous 25.)

Indiana Judicial Branch (Responsible for Indiana local courts and state courts up to and including the Indiana Supreme Court.

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