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LibGuides HELP: Add a Mapped Page

Tips and Tricks

Add a Mapped Page

How can I add a mapped page? 

screen shot reuse a page

  1. Click the button to add a page; then choose the Reuse Existing Page tab.
  2. Guide: Select the Guide that contains the original page. After you select the guide, you'll see:
  3. Page: Now select the page that you want to reuse.
  4. Page Name: By default, we'll use the same page name as the original, but you can change it here. 
  5. Position: Add this page as a top-level or subpage. 
  6. Draft Mode (Optional): If your guide is already published, this is a great option - you can hide that page from the public until it's ready for Prime Time!

    Leave the Copy option unchecked to create a mapped page.
  7. Click Save.