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LibGuides HELP: Book from Catalog

Tips and Tricks

Adding a Book from the PUL Catalog

  1. Choose Book from the Catalog from the Add/Reorder dropdown.
  2. Either create a new Book or click the Reuse Existing Book tab to search for an existing asset.
  3. If you know the item's ISBN, use that to auto-fill fields and cover art (when available)!
    Add the ISBN to that field and click Get Book Info. If book information is found:
    • If book info is found, the title, author, publication date, and cover art (if any) will be pulled in.
    • LibGuides CMS subscribers: you'll also get a book description, when available!
    • You can then go back and edit these fields / add other info.
    • Use the URL field to link the BftC asset to your catalog record.
      • The Title field & book cover art will be linked.
      • If you choose to use Amazon's cover art (vs. Syndetics), the book cover art will link to Amazon. This is in their Terms of Service for using their cover art API and we cannot do anything to change this behavior.
  4. You can also assign Resource Icons (that have been added to your system), a Thumbnail Image, or Subject Associations (via the Subject Associations tab) to the link.
  5. Click Save.
Adding a Book from the Catalog asset.

adding books

Example of a Book from the PUL Catalog