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HONR 299 Making Greater Lafayette Greater: Indiana State Govt. & Public Research Institutions

Provides information on governmental and non-governmental resources describing topics facing policymakers in Lafayette, West Lafayette, and Tippecanoe County.

Indiana State Government and Public Policy Research Institutions

State governments and public policy research institutions also provide useful information resources and statistics on urban areas such as Greater Lafayette.  Examples of relevant Indiana State government resources include:

Department of Local Government Finance (Ensures property tax assessment & local government budgeting is carried out according to Indiana state law.  Responsible for publishing property tax assessment rules and annually reviewing and approving the tax rates and levies of every political subdivision in the state, including all counties, cities, towns, townships, school corporations, libraries, and other entities with tax levy authority.

Department of Revenue (Responsible for collecting Indiana state sales and income taxes, administering tax laws, developing regulations, and making decisions, about tax policy.)  County Innkeeper Tax Rates

2016 Annual Report (Features detailed tax collection statistics)

Indiana Dept. of Education.  (Administers K-12 education and published numerous reports on statistics including those on school district performance by county (Tippecanoe) and individual schools e.g. McCutcheon High School)

Numerous public policy research institute/think tanks prepare reports and statistics on urban policy issues for areas like Lafayette.  These organizations represent various political perspectives.  Examples include:

Brookings Institution (Liberal) The New Localism:  How Cities and Metropolitan Areas Triumph in the Age of Trump.
Heritage Foundation (Conservative) Marriage:  America's Greatest Weapon Against Child Poverty and Infographic:  Low-Levels of Prime Age Full-Time Workers

Manhattan Institute (Conservative) In Chicago:  The Feds are Part of the Problem

Urban Institute (Liberal) Mapping America's Rental Housing Crisis


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