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UPRISE Data Management 101 Guide: Exercises

This guide is intended to assist UPRISE students in increasing their data management skills.

Exercise 1: File Renaming

In this exercise, you will be renaming files. First, go to the file naming conventions tab and read the instructions for creating a file naming convention. 

1.Create a file naming convention that makes sense to you.

2. Then download the folder at to your desktop.

3. Open the folder and rename the items in the folder using the naming convention that you developed above. HINT: You will need to open the items to get enough information to rename them properly. 

4. Copy/paste the item titles into an email and send to 




Exercise 2: File Structure Creation

In this exercise, you will be creating a hierarchical file structure that makes sense in the context of your computing needs.

First, go to the File Structure tab and read the information there.

1. Create a tree diagram. Start with your largest concepts, such as personal, school, research, etc. Then move to smaller concepts such as specific courses, projects, goals. Finally, create lower branches for detailed concepts such as semesters, specific articles or assignments, etc.  

Exercise 3: Data Management Self Assessment

Complete the online assessment found at

Pick three skills that you think would be most helpful to build.