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BCHM 60501 Macromolecules: Journals

This guide contains information to support the course BCHM 60501 Macromolecules.

New articles in Bioinformatics

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Nucleic Acids Research Annual Special Issues for Bioinformatics

Nucleic Acids Research publishes annual issues on Databases and Web Servers for biological sciences.  Nucleic Acids Research also maintains other Special Collections.

Bioinformatics Virual Issues

The Oxford Journal Bioinformatics maintains "virtual issues" on Next Generation Sequencing and Phylogenetics.  The NGS issue is quite extensice and gathers many articles and tools relevant for the analysis of NGS data.

Nature Statistics Collection

Nature maintains the web collection, Statistics for Biologists.  This site contains a variety of short articles on statistical topics of interest to biologists.  In general, these articles are written with non-statisticians in mind with the goal of demystifying concepts such as Bayesain statistics, multiple correction testing and p-value hacking.