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ReadCube- An Introduction: Creating Bibliographies

Basic Information on using ReadCube to create and manage a library of papers

Creating bibliographies for papers

You have two options with ReadCube for creating bibliographies for papers. The first is to export a list of papers to a citation manager such as EndNote, Mendeley, or Zotero and use their citation tools in Word or Open Office to create the bibliographies (see image below.)

The second option is to use ReadCube's SmartCite, which is still in beta, meaning it is still under development. 


To activate SmartCite, go to the preferences Gear icon in the lower left hand corner of ReadCube.  Activate the SmartCite keyboard shortcuts and restart ReadCube.  To start SmartCite, open Word and hit CTRL twice.  This will activate the program. A menu will appear in the middle of your screen that will allow you to search for your citations in your ReadCube library.